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Eat In or Take out

Lic. under L.L.B.O



Breaded Mushrooms                $12    

Fried Cheese                             $12              

Crispy Shrimp                           $14


Always fresh made in house. 

Served with fresh bread and butter

One size 16oz       $ 7


V's house salad sm.$10            lrg.$12

Greek                   sm.$10          lrg.$12

Caesar                 sm. $10           lrg.$12

V's cabbage salad sm.$10        lrg.$12

*add grilled chicken breast to any salad $7.00

Choice of dressings: House (homemade creamy dill), Italian, French,or Light Vinaigrette

**To Take Home for Later**

Magic Dill-icious  Sauce  $11




Pork schnitzel                  $11

(Magic dill sauce - add lettuce and tomato)

Chicken schnitzel            $12

(Magic dill sauce add - lettuce and tomato)

Club schnitzel                 $13

(Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)

Diablo schnitzel              $13

(Hot peppers, cheese and Sauteed onion)

Pizza Schnitzel                $13

(Pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese)

Italian schnitzel               $13

(Peppers, onions, cheese and tomato sauce)

German schnitzel            $13

(Mustard, saurkraut and cheese)

Fish schnitzel                   $12

(Magic dill sauce - add lettuce and tomato)

Chicken Parm.                   $14

(Tomato sauce and mozz) 

All sandwiches are served on a fresh baked portuguese bun 

Schnitzel Sandwich
V's Potatoes



V's potatoes*                             $6

French fries                               $6

Rice                                            $6

Mashed potato                          $6

Onion rings                                $8

Greek fries                                 $9

Saurkraut                                   $8

1/2 Dill sauce                             $11

Extra dill                                     $ 1.50


*V's potatoes are boiled and pan sautéed with a house blend of  seasonings



V's chicken schnitzel dinner                $ 22

( served with V's potatoes* and garden




V's chicken souvlaki                              $ 24

(served with rice and Greek salad

sauteed with peppers and onions )

V's chicken parmesan                             $ 23

( served with V's potatoes* and

 garden salad)

V's chicken tenders                                 $ 20

( served

with fries and garden salad)


Breaded Cheese

V's pork schnitzel dinner                                                      $ 20

(served with V's potatoes* and garden salad)

V's beef goulash                                                                     $ 24

(tender pieces of beef stewed with our secret blend

of herbs and spices. Served with our homemade

dumplings, rice or v's potatoes)


V's Slovak feast                                                                      $ 28

(pork schnitzel, breaded mushrooms,

breaded cheese, v's potatoes and garden salad)



V's fried cheese                           $ 19

(served with fries and

side garden salad)

**Add ham inside your cheese    $  2

V's cheese pierogies                    $ 19

(served with fried bacon

and onion, sour cream and

side garden salad)


V's hearty halushky                      $ 20

(homemade potato pasta,

served in a creamy 

cheese Sauce, topped with

crispy bacon)

From the Sea


V's Crispy Filet of Sole       $ 19

(lightly breaded filet served with fries and side garden salad)



* Ask about our house made desserts when you call.

*All desserts are scratch made in house**

MAGIC DILL SAUCE FOR SALE!!! Take home a bottle of everyone's favourite dressing.It's the perfect accompaniment to any dish. ONLY $11


Any small to medium gathering. Why cook?

Let us do it for you..

NEW!! We now Offer Babkas Homemade Slovak Dumplings.  Sold Frozen delicious pairing with stews and roasts for only $7

Take Away

Call ahead and have your order ready for pick up.

Follow us on instagram @vsschnitzelhouse for updates on new specials 

Thank you for your business,

see you again soon!

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