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Eat In or Take out

Lic. under L.L.B.O



Breaded Mushrooms                $10    

Fried Cheese                             $10              

Crispy Shrimp                           $12


Always fresh made in house. 

Served with fresh bread and butter

One size 16oz       $ 6


V's house salad sm.$8             lrg.$10

Greek                   sm.$8           lrg.$10

Caesar                 sm. $8           lrg.$10 

V's cabbage salad sm.$8         lrg.$10

*add grilled chicken breast to any salad $3.50

Choice of dressings: House (homemade creamy dill), Italian, French,or Light Vinaigrette

**To Take Home for Later**

Magic Dill-icious  Sauce  $10




Pork schnitzel                  $10

(Magic dill sauce - add lettuce and tomato)

Chicken schnitzel            $11 

(Magic dill sauce add - lettuce and tomato)

Club schnitzel                 $12

(Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)

Diablo schnitzel              $12

(Hot peppers, cheese and Sauteed onion)

Pizza Schnitzel                $12

(Pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese)

Italian schnitzel               $12

(Peppers, onions, cheese and tomato sauce)

German schnitzel            $12

(Mustard, saurkraut and cheese)

Argentine beef schnitzel   $14

(Lettuce, tomato and golf sauce)

Fish schnitzel                   $10

(Magic dill sauce - add lettuce and tomato)

Chicken Parm.                   $13

(Tomato sauce and mozz) 

All sandwiches are served on a fresh baked portuguese bun 

Schnitzel Sandwich
V's Potatoes



V's potatoes*                             $5

French fries                               $5 

Rice                                            $5

Mashed potato                          $5

Onion rings                                $7

Greek fries                                 $8 

Saurkraut                                   $7 

1/2 Dill sauce                             $10 

Extra dill                                     $ 1


*V's potatoes are boiled and pan sautéed with a house blend of  seasonings



V's chicken schnitzel dinner                $ 20

( served with V's potatoes* and garden




V's chicken souvlaki                              $ 21

(served with rice and Greek salad

sauteed with peppers and onions )

V's chicken parmesan                             $ 21

( served with V's potatoes* and

 garden salad)

V's chicken tenders                                 $ 18

( served

with fries and garden salad)


Breaded Cheese

V's pork schnitzel dinner                                                      $ 18

(served with V's potatoes* and garden salad)

V's beef goulash                                                                     $ 21

(tender pieces of beef stewed with our secret blend

of herbs and spices. Served with our homemade

dumplings, rice or v's potatoes)


V's Slovak feast                                                                      $ 26

(pork schnitzel, breaded mushrooms,

breaded cheese, v's potatoes and garden salad)



V's fried cheese                           $ 17

(served with fries and

side garden salad)

**Add ham inside your cheese    $  1

V's cheese pierogies                    $ 17

(served with fried bacon

and onion, sour cream and

side garden salad)


V's hearty halushky                      $ 18

(homemade potato pasta,

served in a creamy 

cheese Sauce, topped with

crispy bacon)

From the Sea


V's Crispy Filet of Sole       $ 17

(lightly breaded filet served with fries and side garden salad)


Light and heavenly Palacinky



Crepes                                               $ 8


V's Ice Cream Sundae                      $ 7

                                                                Apple Berry Crumble                       $ 7    


Best Brownie                                    $ 7

*All desserts are scratch made in house**

Non-Alcoholic Beverages.



Pop                                                $ 2.50

Ice Tea/Juice                                $ 2.50

Tea / Coffee                                  $ 2.50

Milk                                                $ 3

From the Bar

*Taxes included



Domestic Beer  Bottle                                  $  4.50

Corona                                                           $  7

Imported Beer 0.5 Liter  Bottle                   $  6.50

Lrg Draught 0.5 Liter                                   $  7

Sml Draught 0.3 Liter                                  $  6

Wine (Red or White)       4 oz  glass            $  7

Wine (Red or White)       ½ Liter                  $ 16

Bar Shots regular 1oz                                  $  6

Bar Shots premium 1oz                               $  7


* Menu items and prices subject to change without notice*

MAGIC DILL SAUCE FOR SALE!!! Take home a bottle of everyone's favourite dressing.It's the perfect accompaniment to any dish. ONLY $11

NEW!! We now Offer Babkas Homemade Slovak Dumplings.  Sold Frozen delicious pairing with stews and roasts for only $7

Take Away

Any small to medium gathering. Why cook?

Let us do it for you..

Call ahead and have your order ready for pick up.

Follow us on instagram @vsschnitzelhouse for updates on new specials 

Thank you for your business,

see you again soon!

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